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Owner/Yoga Teacher

is a lifelong yoga practitioner who owns, teaches yoga and leads weekly Zen Meditation at Endless Shore Yoga and Meditation Centre.

Nadine is a certified, knowledgeable and intuitive yoga teacher who brings love and humour,  her compassionate heart and over 20 years experience to her sessions.

Nadine discovered yoga through curiosity, her need for self-reliance, for self empowerment and the deep intrinsic need to connect with her sacred self. The practice of yoga guided her to the natural ways of healing one's self; to explore and experience and express her authentic self. Practicing yoga and meditation has taught her how to skilfully adapt to challenging situations off the mat, to ease through times of transition and uncertainty and to remain grounded.

Nadine's teaching embodies an eclectic blend of styles she has studied such as Integral, Iyengar, Restorative, Tantra, Taoist Yoga (Yin), Tibetan Healing Yoga (Lu Jong). She also incorporates the healing movement modalities of Qi Gong, Kum Nye (Tibetan Relaxation), body/ball rolling and a range of meditative techniques including Mudra Space Awareness. She weaves ancient yoga and Buddhist philosophy into her teaching, inspiring students to experience these ancient practices which remain relevant today in our lives.

Nadine extends her profound gratitude to her primary root teacher, Dr. Binaji Nelson who inspired and encouraged her to be a yoga teacher and to her other root teacher, Sandra Sammartino for teaching Yoga beyond form, of teaching from inspiration and from the heart.


Yoga Teacher

Tara Crofton has been a student of personal development and practicing yoga
 and meditation for 40 years. In 1989 she met her most influential teacher,
 Sandra Sammartino and received her Yoga Teacher's Training Certificate in
 1996. Tara has been teaching yoga in the White Rock area for the last 26 years.

Yoga with Tara is suitable for both beginner and experienced students. Her
 teaching approach is unique as she blends practices and styles that have 
been most meaningful and useful to her over the years. Her classes include
 asanas and pranayama combined with imagery and intention, to strengthen the
 bodies while increasing flexibility and alignment. The overall focus is on 
releasing stress and restrictive patterns from all levels of the body/mind
 resulting in increased well being, awareness and balance.


Yoga Teacher

I was a stay-at-home mom of three young children and had started going to yoga and loved how it made me feel - especially how it supported my emotional and spiritual self. My teacher at the time had always said to be open to signs no matter the size of them... sometimes they come to us very quietly and other times it can be a loud are-you-paying attention kind of way! One week I felt this deep sense that I was meant to be a yoga teacher and in a matter of days I had numerous people tell me I should teach or thought I already was teaching. I took that as a "are you listening" kind of sign that I should think seriously about becoming a yoga teacher. Shortly after that I enrolled the Teacher Training with Sandra Sammartino. This was an experiential training, going deep into all the limbs of yoga and I have never looked back.

Since becoming a teacher, I have a stronger sense of how we hold stress (emotional and physical) in our bodies and how that can lead to dis-ease. The more we can allow ourselves to let go and open up first though the physical body (asanas) we can peel away the layers of armouring and hardening that not only shows up in the posture, joints and muscles but more so in our state of well-being - our emotional bodies and personalities. We become softer, more accepting, and non-judgemental of others and ourselves the more our body opens through yoga. We all have a story, good and bad, but not all of us have learned how to let go and move forward in our lives in a positive direction and be Kind and Humble during the process.

Rosemary Purvis

Yoga Teacher

Bio coming soon



Yoga Teacher

Hello! My name is Esperança. I was born in the south of Portugal which faces the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean, the great pond between Europe and the Americas. For many years, in my twenties and thirties, I travelled worldwide and lived in many different countries until in 1981 the Canadian Crescent Beach somehow asked me to stop… You see, the Portuguese beach where I spent all summers of my entire childhood is called Meia-Praia which translates into Crescent Beach… I thought it was a sign, to meet the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans o a crescent moon shape beach; a sign to stop my outer travels and start them in my interior?

From 1984 to 1989 while I was living in the Republic Democratic of Congo ( in Central Africa), I taught there a program inspired by Callanetics, with a mixture of elements of Taichi, Yoga and Dance. When I came back to Canada (1989) I continued teaching this program at Camp Alexandra, in Crescent Beach, while waiting for my yoga studio to be built in my new house on Crescent Drive. What came after is what you could call destiny, as I unexpectedly met the best yoga teacher ever, Sandra Sammartino, with whom I studied and was certified by her as a Yoga Teacher (2002) and Yoga Trainer (2007). Sandra not only showered me (and all of her students) with her immense knowledge about yoga and life itself but also and especially she inspired me to look for Yoga inside of myself, in everything I do, everything I think, in every breath I take.

When Covid arrived I was compelled to close my yoga studio and stop teaching. I discovered then the joy of photography and it soon became my favourite hobby. For the past three years+ every day or as much as I can, I stroll along the beach and the Blackie Spit with my iPhone camera waiting to be awakened by a view, an impression, a touch. And I realize that Yoga, Yoke, Union is always in everything. This starts to become a long biography, so I should leave what is not yet said for, later on, to be shared little by little during the yoga session, as drops of myself…

because what I Am is also the Yoga I teach.

Namaste! 🙏