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Practice Considerations

Eat light meals 2 -3 hours prior to practicing yoga.

Wear comfortable clothing; something that moves with you and nothing that restrains you from movement.

Honour your Self. Always practice within your own limits and at your own pace regardless of what the other students are doing. This is your own time for self awareness and inner reflection.

Be accountable. Inform your teacher of any concerns especially regarding any injury or health concerns.

We practice in bare feet and with socks if needed. Please remove footwear prior to entering the studio.

Turn off all cell phones and any audible signals during class.

Arrive 10 minutes before scheduled class time. If you arrive after the class has started, take time to relax prior to joining the other students.

The relaxation at the end of the class is an integral part of the practice. It is recommended to stay until the end of the class.

 However, if there is a need to leave the class early, take a few moments to relax, leave quietly and prior to shavasana.

We provide mats, bolsters, pillows, blocks, blankets and eye pillows. We encourage you to bring your own personal mat.