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Our centre is a small, calm and grounding space for 14 - 18 yoga students per class. By offering small classes each student receives individual attention and careful guidance. The teacher provides modifications to suit the individual's needs. All levels and needs are addressed with personal care.

Please note: Due to Covid19, the maximum capacity is 9 students until further notice.

The classes are fundamentally Hatha and Tantra Yoga based incorporated with various teachings styles such as Anusara, Integral, Iyengar, Yin, Restorative and Vinyasa with emphasis on the connection of the body, heart, mind and spirit. Yoga postures are focused on alignment and bringing harmony to the whole body explored through movement and stillness with the breath as the anchor. Central to Endless Shore's yoga approach is awareness and mindfulness of the breath. As the awareness of the breath and awareness of the body increases, the student becomes receptive to their physical and energetic (Pranic) alignment. This awareness and receptiveness brings openness of the heart through which the student develops connection to their own spiritual essence from which they can received their own self reliance and guidance. At the core of each class is our intention to help each student find their own balance, to deeply listen and feel the subtle wisdom of their body and its resilient healing energy.

It is our overall aim to help people learn how to relax, live a healthy joyful life, become at peace and well in their own being and their environment.

There are many reasons for starting and continuing a yoga practice; and whatever they may be, we hope to guide and aid along the journey. We are honoured to help in the exploration and share with the experience along the path.